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Contract Managers are responsible for the day to day operations of the contracting unit within their respective departments. To obtain additional information regarding a specific department, click on the department name.

Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures

Patricia Rodarte, Departmental Financial Manager I
(626) 575-5482

Alternate Public Defender

Robert Meneses, Esq., Administrative Deputy
Executive Branch
(213) 974-8246

Animal Care and Control

Whitney Duong, Administrative Services Manager I
(562) 256-2412


Elsid Glenn, Budget and Purchasing Manager
Management Services
(213) 893-0697


Christopher Nguyen, Section Manager
Administrative Services Division
(213) 974-8318

Beaches and Harbors

Nicolette Taylor, Administrative Services Manager II
Administrative Services Division/Revenue and Systems Development
424) 526-7821

Board of Supervisors

Nanette Herrera, Chief of Fiscal Services
Fiscal Services Contracts
(213) 974-2085

Chief Executive Office

Kirk Shelton, Manager
Contracts and Procurement
(213) 974-1176

Child Support Services Department

Andrea Barnes, Division Chief
Contracts, Grants & Procurement Management Division
(323) 889-3466

Children and Family Services

Leticia Torres-Ibarra, Division Manager
Contracts Administration Division
(213) 351-3287
Consumer and Business Affairs

Rafael Carbajal, Chief Deputy
(213) 974-0834


Silvia Gonzalez, Administrative Services Manager II
Administrative Services
(323) 343-0682

County Counsel

Jesus Castillo, Administrative Services Manager III
Internal Support Services
213) 974-1962

District Attorney

Tuppence Macintyre, Special Assistant
(213) 257-2777

Fire Department

Carlos Santiago, Administrative Services Manager II
Contracts Section
(323) 838-2365

Health Services

Kathy Hanks, Director, Contracts and Grants
Contract Administration and Monitoring
(213) 288-7819

Human Resources

Darolyn Jensen, Manager
Contracts and Special Projects
(213) 974-1528

Internal Services Department

Christie Carr, Division Manager
Contracting Division
(323) 267-3101

Mental Health

Stella Krikorian, Interim Chief
Contracts Development and Administration Division
(213) 738-4023

Military and Veterans Affairs

Rose Bueta, Administrative Assistant III
Contract Unit
(213) 765-9632

Museum of Natural History

Marilyn Bello, Director
Budgets and Financial Reporting
(213) 763-3437

Parks and Recreation

Ruben Lopez, Contracts Division Chief
(626) 588-5300


Tasha Howard, Director
Contracts and Grants Management Division
(562) 940-2728

Public Defender

Anthony Guerrero, Administrative Services Manager I
Administrative Services
(213) 974-2962

Public Health

Patty Gibson, Chief
Contracts and Grants Division
(626) 293-2664

Public Library

Gilbert Garcia, Administrative Services Manager II
Support Services
(562) 940-8478

Public Social Services

Veronica I. Cox, Manager
Contract Management Division
(562) 908-3001
Raymond Hunter, Manager
Contract Management Division
(562) 908-3585
Alfred Becerra, Director
Contract Development and Procurement
(562) 908-3003
Rita Murgas-Lee, Administrative Services Manager III
Contract Development and Procurement
(562) 908-3007

Public Works

Jose Quevedo, Assistant Deputy Director
Business Relations and Contracts Division
(626) 458-2500
Ghayane Zakarian, Contracting Manager
Business Relations and Contracts Division
(626) 300-3224
Edwin Manoukian, Administrative Services Manager III
Business Relations and Contracts Division
(626) 458-4057

Regional Planning

Hsiao-Ching Chen, Contract Manager
Strategic Planning and Program Services
(213) 974-6559

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Veronica Williams, Administrative Services Manager II
Finance and Management Division/Contracts and Grants Section
(562) 462-2905

Sheriff’s Department

Angelo Faiella, Administrative Services Manager III
Information Systems and Tech
(213) 229-3259
Irma Santana, Manager
General Services
(213) 229-3264

Treasurer and Tax Collector

Elena Villacres Torres, Administrative Services Manager III
Contracts Section
(213) 974-2030

Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services

Carol Domingo, Contracts Division Manager
Contracts Management Division
(213) 639-6339